Trax Rick James & Teena Marie, The Originals, En Vogue, Bas Noir

Fire & Desire  –  Rick James feat. Teena Marie (no comment is necessary except :  LISTEN)

Down to love town  –  The Originals (one of the lesser known Motown male vocal groups)

Those Dogs  –  En Vogue  (this trak started off from an opera called Carmen by Bizet  – sung by the likes of Maria Callas et-al  then was re-lyric-ed by Foster & McElroy (their producers) … starting with a soulful accapela then unto a funky backbeat with some hip-hop throw  in finishing off with jazzy ending  not forgetting the humour …  now that’s a musical journey)

Shoe B  Doo  –  Bas Noir (came to prominence on the influential Nu Groove records then metamorphosed as Native Sol)