Trax feat. Isaac Hayes, Don Armando 2nd Avenue Rhumba Band, Wilbert Longmire, Reese Project

By the time i get to Phoenix – Isaac Hayes (Released before ‘Shaft’ – this song was written by Jimmy Webb and sung by Glenn Campbell amongst others … now classed as the beginning of ‘Rap Music’)

Going to a showdown – Don Armando Second Avenue Rhumba Band feat. Fonda Rae (Woods)(inspired by the movie ‘Gun fight at the O.K. Corral …  prod. by Andy Hernandez (Kid Creole and Dr. Buzzard Original Savannah Band) … Don Armando (Bonilla) was percussionist on Dr. Buzzard –   a Very Witty Disco record – a Rare Treat)

Black is the color – Wilbert Longmire (Guitarist on Tappan Zee records … released on a 4 trax e.p feat. Richard Tee, Bob James & Mongo Santamaria Top Notch Jazz-Funk)

The Colour of love – Reese Project (Studio band prod. by Kevin “INNERCITY” Saunderson feat. Rachelle Kapp … the were multiple mixes as they believed in the trak – sadly no hits but it is still damn Brilliant)

Trax featured Jean Carn, Paul Jabara feat. Donna Summer, Xavier, Taja Sevelle

Love don’t love nobody – Jean Carn (written by Joe Jefferson for Mighty Three Music … their catch-phrase was ‘you’ll never forget our tunes’  – and you can see why

Never lose your sense of humour – Paul  Jabara feat. Donna Summer (this man wrote ‘It’s raining men’, ‘No more tears -enough is enough’ also had Whitney Houston as lead vocalist on his lp as lead vocalist before the world the rest of the world heard of her )

Work that sucker to death – Xavier (from the lp ‘Point of pleasure’ feat. George Clinton & Bootsy Collins and yes – it still is)

Sympathy for the devil – Taja Sevelle (prod. by The Basement Boys, written by ‘Jagger & Richards’ – you know them as The Rolling Stones … the harmonica sounds like Stevie Wonder on every illegal substance possible … AWESOME)

Trax feat. Leela James, Freddie James, James Brown & Martha Wash

My joy – Leela James  (Voice of an angel  …  there is still such a genre called Soul)

Get up and boogie – Freddie James (15 year old son of Geraldine ‘Can’t fake the feeling’ Hunt)

Make it funky  –  James Brown  (Has been known as ‘Minister of New Super Heavy Heavy Funk’ … Parts 1 – 4  …  12 minutes plus of unadulterated Funk)

Come – Martha Wash  (Hex Hector mix  –  she was one half of ‘Two Tons of Fun’ and later ‘ The Weather Girls’ also known for that opening line ‘Everybody dance now’ from ‘Gonna make you sweat’ – C & C Music Factory and most of Black Box first lp /cd  –  this woman is a Legend)