Today’s trax


Hello Stranger  –  Ebony Allenye (This Barbara Lewis ‘quiet storm’ ditty has raised it’s beautiful head with a more percussive arrangement)

Like her  –  Gentlemen and their Lady (Another great trak died – due to the demise Roulette Records … released n the U.K on 7″ with the full length of 7 mins plus)

Time  –  Stone (It’s been 30 plus years since the release of this trak and ‘Time’ had stood still with this ‘West End’   masterpiece)

You make me feel  –  Trudy M (Surname Miller … the simplicity of this trak is amazing … on Perfect Pair – a label co-owned by Ken  & Sabrina Johnston)

Today’s trax

Love & Devotion  –  Wayne Marshall (U.K. street-soul with a ‘Soul 11 Soul’ type backbeat on the very illusive Stone Cold Gentleman Records)

I’m mad as hell  –  El Coco (A studio group from the talent and minds of W. Michael Lewis & Laurin Rinder  which was one of a plethora of groups)

Let her feel it –  Simplicious (Part of the Broomfield family which includes Dee Dee & Eugene Wilde  …  released on Philly World)

Come on baby  –  Todd Terry (Known for chopping up a variety of tunes – ‘Todd the God’  samples of ‘Crash goes love – Loleatta Holloway …  an electro epic originally produced by Arthur Baker)

Today’s trax



Go away little boy  –   Marlena Shaw (From her lp/cd ‘Live at Vine Street’ … this is the third recording of the same trak by Marlena and it always gets better)

I was born this way  –  Carl Bean (Will be playing Birmingham’s Gay Pride this weekend so i include this tribute to all the gay djs who are no longer here including Larry Levan, Tee Scott & Frankie Knuckles and of course the musicians past and present who were involved in this recording including Norman Harris, Larry Washington, Tom Moulton & Ron Kersey)

Ride the on rhythm  –  Mahogany feat. Bernice Watkins (Not the same trak as the Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony but a mid-tempo boogie trak of seven years earlier on West End)

Unspeakable joy  –  Kim English (The Queen of Nervous Records … the original lp/cd is brilliant – but the remix blows your head off your body)