Today’s trax



Hurt so bad  –  Kina (Ex-Brownstone vocalist shows her talent as a singer song writer  …. cd has hidden trak)

Love insurance  –  Front Page (featuring Sharon Redd uncredited … released on Panorama which became Profile Records)

I really love you  –  Heaven and Earth (Some of the band later became Cashmere on Philly World)

Music on my mind  –  Don Carlos feat. Taka Boom (you can hear an essence of ‘Harvest for the world – Isley’s Brothers’)

Today’s trax


I only have eyes for you  –  The Flamingo’s (Classed as one of the most romantic songs ever  …  brought back into the world’s consciousness by the Art Garfunkel in ’75 …. this is the ‘r &b’ version)

Make me believe in you  –  Patti Jo (Written and produced by Curtis Mayfield  …. this trak was included on the first ever Tom Moulton  remix lp  … both released on Scepter/Wand)

Groove it to your body  –  Michael Wilson (Released on Prelude  ….  mixed by Francois Kevorkian  … this one must have got lost due to the sheer volume and quality being released by Prelude and other labels)

It  works for me  –  Sabrynaah Pope (Not an out and out thumper but an elegant ‘Garage’ trak courtesy of King Street Records)

Today’s trax



Warm Weather   –  Pieces of a dream (Brought to the public’s attention by Grover Washington)

Voyage of no return  –  Silvetti (Originally  released on EMI Hispanvox Spain and license to Salsoul New York)

Contagious   –  The Strikers (I’ve got the funk, let me give it to you  –  it’s so contagious …  a disease i will always want and need … female vocalist is rumoured to be Lonnie Gordon)

Philadelphia – Black Science Orchestra (Inspired by ‘Love is is the message – MFSB’ …  every time i hear this i think ‘ –  i’ve  lived and  to gone to heaven’)