Today’s trax



Gonna make it work  –  Blaze (Back when they were trio – they released a lp/cd on Motown from which this was featured  …. an uplifting Soul trak which basically say’s if you fall off the horse jump back on and it’s alright to make mistakes)

This Band is hot  –  Eddie Henderson (Eddie became a trumpeter after being inspired by family friend Miles Davis … on the funkier side lp trak was 12″ promo  …. the self description is so apt)

Dance lady dance  –  Crown Heights Affair (C.H.A. for short  a self-contained Funk band who always delivered quality however they had few bona-fide hits)

Stuck  –  Peven Everett (How do i describe this artist – the ‘Prince'(of 1999 fame) of Garage/House music as all instrumentation as well as writing, arrangement, vocal performance and production is by the man himself)

Today’s trax



There you go (There she goes again /Stormy Weather  –  Esther Phillips (Known for having her feet in Jazz, Blues, Soul & Gospel but has also dipped her toes in Disco and Funk – Esther and her producer Wayne Henderson turn this Jazz standard into an ‘Esther standard’ by giving it a touch of pizzazz)

I hope it’s the right time   –  Inner Life (Four of the main ingredients for this trak : Greg Carmichael (producer), Jocelyn Brown (lead vocalist), Blank Tape (recording studio), and Prelude Records (label))

Master Funk  –  Watsonian Institute (Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson’s backing band released their first long player – title trak is the same name as the single …. features the man himself on production also a variety of instruments)

Just can’t get enough  –  Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero presents Indaya Day (A favourite vocalist of Djs turned Producers  …  this lady has worked a variety of people which includes Misst Elliott, Bootsy Collins and Stephanie Mills)

Today’s trax



You’re body is here with me (but you’re mind is on the other side of town)  –  The O’Jay’s (We know if i trak is being sung by Eddie Levert and the guys – it will be top notch however focus on the lyrical content also … co-written by Cary ‘Hippie’ Gilbert who gave us ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’ also ‘Don’t leave me this way’ to name but two)

Rock it  – Deborah Washington ( Her first lp featured a couple of Disco cover versions – then her producers Mike Piccirillo & George Geotzman decided to have a re-think and this was a single off her second lp)

Chief Inspector  –  Wally Bardorou (Came to prominence whilst working on Grace Jones lps @ Compass Point Studios in The Bahamas  … then signed to Island Records)

Love of my life  –  Arnold Jarvis (Put Arnold and The  Basement Boys together and you know they will be ‘a match made in Heaven’ which they do not disappoint … released on West End Records)