Today’s trax



You’re body is here with me (but you’re mind is on the other side of town)  –  The O’Jay’s (We know if i trak is being sung by Eddie Levert and the guys – it will be top notch however focus on the lyrical content also … co-written by Cary ‘Hippie’ Gilbert who gave us ‘Me & Mrs. Jones’ also ‘Don’t leave me this way’ to name but two)

Rock it  – Deborah Washington ( Her first lp featured a couple of Disco cover versions – then her producers Mike Piccirillo & George Geotzman decided to have a re-think and this was a single off her second lp)

Chief Inspector  –  Wally Bardorou (Came to prominence whilst working on Grace Jones lps @ Compass Point Studios in The Bahamas  … then signed to Island Records)

Love of my life  –  Arnold Jarvis (Put Arnold and The  Basement Boys together and you know they will be ‘a match made in Heaven’ which they do not disappoint … released on West End Records)