Today’s trax



There you go (There she goes again /Stormy Weather  –  Esther Phillips (Known for having her feet in Jazz, Blues, Soul & Gospel but has also dipped her toes in Disco and Funk – Esther and her producer Wayne Henderson turn this Jazz standard into an ‘Esther standard’ by giving it a touch of pizzazz)

I hope it’s the right time   –  Inner Life (Four of the main ingredients for this trak : Greg Carmichael (producer), Jocelyn Brown (lead vocalist), Blank Tape (recording studio), and Prelude Records (label))

Master Funk  –  Watsonian Institute (Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson’s backing band released their first long player – title trak is the same name as the single …. features the man himself on production also a variety of instruments)

Just can’t get enough  –  Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero presents Indaya Day (A favourite vocalist of Djs turned Producers  …  this lady has worked a variety of people which includes Misst Elliott, Bootsy Collins and Stephanie Mills)