Today’s trax



Ike’s Rap/Hey baby  –  Isaac Hayes (Even though he was creating his spoken word monologues for a number of years – it wasn’t until the ‘To be continued’ lp that he was credited for them … i read somewhere that a friend advised him that he should take credit and get paid also … maybe that’s where Hip hop/Rap gets it’s name)

When the game is played on you – Bettye Swann (Produced by ‘The Young Professionals’ and recorded at Sigma Sound, Philadelphia … has recently being remixed by Tom Moulton for his third Philly ReGrooved/Harmless effort and it’s 10 minutes plus)

Parisienne Girl – Incognito (From the demise of ‘Light of the World’ – Incognito was born and this was their first single culled from the yet to be released lp ‘Jazz Funk’ … which was a very ploy by telling you the type of music that’s in the grooves)

All night  –   MAW (Last trak on the Masters at Work presents ‘West End Records 25th Anniversary Edition Mastermix’ is a stripped down version of : Don’t make me wait – Peech Boys featuring Bernard Fowler’s loop-ed vocals chanting ‘All Night”)

Today’s trax



My, my, my  –  Johnny Gill ((Eventually Babyface’s  (Producter/Writer) compositions became too ‘same-y but when they were hot – they were sizzling and they really captured the Soulfulness of Johnny)

Let me know i have a right  –  Gloria Gaynor (written by Freddie Perren and Dino Fekaris – Gloria went back to the duo who gave her ‘her signature tune’ that has made her tour the world ten times over)

Hot pants break down  –  The Soul Toronadoes (Every so often a trak is released and to a small amount of people it is  ‘the one’  – the trak ‘Funky drummer’ is the most famous – the reason : this is one of the greatest trak for sampling to make future trax ….. there is a great re-edit on 52nd Street – Jazz Juice)

Otta Limits  –   Mission Control (This trak is full of samples however they are creative samples rather than sample for sampling sake …. you can even hear a snippet of Todd Terry and as a rough guess – the un-credited vocalist is Dorothy Mann)

Today’s trax



Some kind of miracle  –  Puff Johnson (It’s a miracle that her  record label ‘Columbia’ did not release this trak as a single  …. written by Diane Warren this says ‘hit single’ all over it …. Kelly Clarkson later did a version)

I’m on Fire  –  Ritchie Family (These girls truly were on fire with such a hot trak due to the arrangement, the orchestration and of course the vocals produced by Jacques Morali)

Unsung heroes of Hip-hop  –  Subsonic 2 (Without naming him – they are telling you that Hip-hop was based around James Brown’s beats even name checking  ‘Funky Drummer – James Brown’ which featuring Clyde Stubblefield as drummer … some years ago i met Mr Stubblefield and Mr. John’ ‘Jab’o” Starks – another J.B’s drummer … i now have an etched pair of drumsticks courtesy of Mr. S)

Pay back is a bitch (what goes around comes around)  –  Liz Torres (From the lp/cd ‘The Queen is in the House … the reason she dared to give it that title was because it was fact)