Today’s trax



Can we change the world  – Maysa  (The question that has been on every positive thinking person’s mind for decades …. on and off vocalist with ‘Incognito’ …. surname Leak but first lp/cd was simply called Maysa … one of the few female vocalist to record on Blue Note Records)

You really got me  –  Eclipse (Canadian Disco/Rock band who might have been more successful with this trak if they had released the full length album trak as a 12″ rather than a shortened version …. originally written by Ray Davies of The Kinks that was a mega-hit)

Let’s get Funktified  –  Boiling Point (A very clever name both as title and artist – the title is repeated in the song which tells you the type of music they are playing also the artist’s name says they are not a ‘luke warm’ band but ‘piping hot’)

Backfired  –  Masters at Work featured India (Vocally starts off as if it’s that Debby Harry trak written and produced by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards of  ‘Chic’ – they then turn off that side road unto the M.A.W. motorway with India’s vocals full speed ahead)