Today’s trax



Thank you father  –  Tashan (Def Jam Records Soul release from his first lp  … Tashan was been hinted as ‘the new Marvin Gaye’)

Le Spank  –  Le Pamplemousse (For years i was told this studio group’s name means ‘the grapefruit’,  however when i looked it up (different spelling) in the ‘urban dictionary’ – it means something very sexual  …  inspired by Barry White big orchestral production but with a twist  …  Jones Girls on background vocals)

Good and plenty  –  John Faddis (East Coast of America/New York  trumpet session player who worked with every one and on everything without losing his credibility or quality …… check him out on ‘Disco Inferno – Players Association’)

Treat her sweeter  –  Paul Simpson Connection (the sound of Garage …. meaning – trax that were been played at Paradise Garage night club, New York …. released on Easy Street Records)

Today’s trax



Just call my name  –  Alyson Williams (Alyson was one of the featured vocalist in  High Fashion – a studio group created by Fred Jacques Petrus … she was part of Def Jam Records move into Soul Music where vocal clarity and song-writing is/was paramount)

Disco dance – Michele (Partly recorded in France then finished and fine-tuned at Sigm Sound Philadelphia … and as you would expect ‘The Master’ Tom Moulton was the remixer … there was also a Patrick Cowley megamix on a 12″)

Lion Dance – Hiroshima (A Jazz-Funk classic that only the dedicated are now interested in … from their first lp – produced by Wayne Henderson the ‘Jazz Crusader’)

Matter of time  –  Ooscha (Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Jamie Principle, Chantay Savage, Maurice Joshua, Jere McAllister  are the writers –  produced by Eric Miller …. these were some of the principle players of Chicago House circa 1992 …  this was typical of what was coming out of ‘Silk’s production house)

Today’s trax



Feel so good  – Perri (Perri are Carolyn, Darlene, Lori, & Sharon Perry – they are real sisters and tremendous vocalists, individual and together)

Where did our love go  –  Amii Stewart (The Supremes first number one hit in America – written by the songwriting trio of Motown Records : Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier & Eddie Holland)

Now is tomorrow  (Anticipation) –  Brass Construction (Brass Construction 2 was the vinyl lp from hence this came from … only the hardcore B.C. fans knew about this but it has gained momentum especially since John Morales has included it ion one of his mix lp/cd)

Seasons of love  –  Blaze (Once again – a trak by this duo is original, creative and never ‘samey’)