Today’s trax



Ain’t nobody straight in L.A.  –  The Miracles (With Motown Records de-camped to Los Angeles, and Smokey Robinson leaving also – they drafted in Billy Griffin and took their inspiration from the large Gay and Latin community … ‘homosexuality is part of society’, ‘Gay People are nice people too’ –  were some of the lyrics  … you can hear a Latin Funk riff that you could find on a War record)

Lay all your love on me   –  Abba (To some people this group was the ultimate Pop band ever …  this is their best Disco trak and as this blog does not include Pop – their other trax are irrelevant  …  there were a few re-edits or remixes as we called everything then as the remixers/bootleggers thought the trak should have been longer and so do i)

Release the beast  –  Breakwater (An octet who released 2 lps  on Arista Records which includes Kae Williams who became writer, producer and session musician for such artists as Bootsy Collins, Hi Gloss, Brooklyn – Bronx & Queens, Sybil, Thomas, Curtis Hairston and more … also sampled by Daft Punk)

Never  –  Jomanda (Cheri Williams, Joanne Thomas & Renee Williams were their individual names – they are know mainly for ‘Don’t  you want my love’ which became a monster hit for Felix who used the vocal sample from the trak of the same name)