Today’s trax



When i found you  –  Patrice Rushen (After her stint with the Prestige label – Patrice joined Elektra Records and  started adding more vocals to her now less Jazzy but more Soulful lp’s … She is a classically trained pianist has performed with Michael Jackson, Herbie Hancock, Santana, Prince, Joshua Redman, George Benson, Tom Jones … the list is endless)

Fever/Make me like it  –  Madleen Kane (Although classed as an “Euro-Disco” artist – Madleen’s first lp had that added sophistication not found on some her fellow “E-D” artists  … the brilliantly crafted song “Fever” – originally sung by ‘Little Willie John’ showed that it can be moulded into any musical style …  now made into a medley)

Who give birth to the funk  –  Joe Tex (During the heady days of Disco – Joe drops this Deep Funk trak originally distributed by TK Records known for their Disco 12″ …  he was also known for his partly spoken/partly sung trax which later became Rap)

Bulo  –  Copyright featuring Shovell (M People’s percussionist teams up with Copyright – a U.K. House Music production duo to release this hybrid  … a marriage of Chicago House and Africa’s  Afrobeat rhythms)

Today’s trax



U will know  –  Black Men United (From the Jason’s Lyric movie soundtrak came this inspirational trak which featured a large number of U.S. male artists including Tevin Campbell, Gerald Levert, Aaron Hall, Keith Sweat, R. Kelly, Brian McKnight, Joe, Christopher Williams, D’Angelo, Usher … the list goes on)

Bad Mouthin’   –  Motown Sounds (Totally ignored by the general public apart from a few savvy record collectors, dj’s and the ‘crate diggers’ who were looking for a quality bargain record …. one of Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage gems)

Brother Green (Disco King)  –  Roy Ayers (Talented Vibes player (think metal keyed xylophone) ironic Funk trak about a Disco King  … written by Roy and Edwin ‘Cola Bottle Baby’ Birdsong)

Love change over  –  Michael Watford (You can hear the what has happens when good love take you up unto a higher plateau  … featuring a vocal essence of ‘Love Injection – Trussel’ … released on Hard Times Records  … recorded at Orinoco Studios, London)

Today’s trax



Happy song   –  Dynamic Superiors (After the death of their lead vocalist Tony Williams – this group went awry but has since re-grouped and has been performing again since the Nineties  …  released on Motown Records  …  this trak has recently since sampled by Hip-hop artist Nipsey Hussle for his trak ‘Keys to the City’)

I can’t dance without you  –  Theo Vaness (Released on Prelude Records, mixed by Francois Kevorkian and was played at the iconic Paradise Garage night club, New York – by its legendary DJ Larry Levan  …  you don’t need anymore credentials)

Come back lover  –  Fresh Band (I am love – The Jackson Five begins as a ballad then becomes more uptempo during the second part of the song – the vocal chorus was the inspiration for this trak … released on then superbly named ‘Are ‘n Be’ Records – produced by Darryl “The Strikers” Gibbs & mixed by Zanibar’s Tony Humphries …  this trak has been bootlegged recently due to renewed interest)

Ya can’t separate me   –  Lee Genesis (Lee landed at Sub-Urban Records when they ruled the dance floor …  co-written by Lee and Tommy Musto  … this trak was re-released to get more mileage as they (Sub-Urban) – like myself thought it was overlooked the first time around)