Today’s trax



She’ got papers on me  –  Richard ‘Dimples’ Fields featuring Betty Wright (Richard wants to get out of his stagnant marriage – so he sings about his ‘Sweet little thing’ unaware that his wife is still in the house and she tells him exactly what she thinks)

Move on up/up up up  –  The Destination (Writer, producer, arranger Elton Ahi takes Curtis Mayfield’s Funky epic – changes it’s genre and takes it into Disco stratosphere)

Bertha Butt Boogie  –  Jimmy Castor Bunch (An amusing Funky new dance craze developed by the cave-man or in this case cave-woman)

Higher  –  David Morales & Albert Calbrera presents Moca featuring Deanna Dellacoppia (Superstar Dj and Remixer David along with ‘Latin Rascal’ Al samples ‘Scorpio – Dennis Coffey’ to deliver this quality New York Garage trak)

Today’s trax



Good Friend  –  George Duke featuring Jeffrey Osbourne, Stephanie Mills, Irene Cara, Joyce Kennedy, Kenny Loggins & Deniece Williams (George was a musician who wore many hats – writer, arranger and producer … released on Elektra Records  … check out his discography)

Supership  –  George ‘Bad’ Benson (Whilst George was assigned to CTI Records (Creed Taylor Incorporated)  – he released an lp called ‘Bad Benson’  however the b-side of this single (My Latin Brother) was culled from that album …  the a-side turned up on ‘ The Sound of things to come’ – a CTI compilation)

Try, try, try  –  Ramp (Word on the streets ‘Ramp’ meant ‘Roy Ayers Music Production’ – which is plausible as all trax on the original  lp were written by Ayers and his associates and was also produced by him)

Lift up your hands  –  Xodus featuring Dawn Tallman (Early Gospel-House … Originally released on Jellybean Benitez’s ‘Jellybean Recordings’ … co-written by Paul Scott & Shank Thompson also known as ‘Brothers of Peace’)