Today’s trax



If i had my way/if you had your way – Isaac Hayes & Millie Jackson (When ‘Rap’ was a word on the streets,    before it became a musical genre – this duo was the king & queen of Rap or ‘Royal Rappin’ to name their lp )

Disco Madness  –  Sparkle (Released on Jam Session Records of New Jersey … produced by Harold Sargent – known for ‘Dance Freak – Chain Reaction’ on the iconic ‘Sound of New York, USA)

Love you from afar  –  Defunkt (After leaving Joe Boyd’s Hannibal Records – Joe Bowie signed his band to Island’s avant-gard subsidiary Antilles Records … also featured female bass guitarist extra-ordinaire Kim Clarke)

Just another man  –  Jeannie Harris (Another underground trak that didn’t get credit and respect it deserved  … released on Studio Records – written by Ray Gaskins, mixed by Archie Lucas and produced by Archie & Ray)