today’s trax



Rumors  –  Ullanda McCullough (Yolanda’s name was misspelt after doing sessions for Ralph McDonald … written and produced by Ashford & Simpson of ‘Aint no mountain high enough’ … has since been released as a on 2 on 1 cd)

A mother for my children  –  The Whispers (Released on Janus Records … known for their twin vocalists Walter & Wallace Scott … recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia)

Easin’ in  –  Edwin Starr (Written by Motown staff writer Freddie Perren who gave us ‘I will survive’ … from the original soundtrak ‘Hell up in Harlem’ – a trak that has been sampled by a variety of Hip-hop artists including ‘Loc’ed up after dark – Tone Loc)

You have a purpose  – Kings of Groove featuring Michelle Weeks (Uplifting Gospel House trak with a message … Motivation speech intro – which helps boost self-esteem)

Today’s trax



Everybody knew me but me  –  Alyson Williams (After a number of years as a session vocalist & a third of studio band ‘High Fashion’ …  this trak was available from her second album)

Mi Corazon  –  Kat Mandu (Canadian studio group led by led by Denis Lepage & produced by Joe La Greco)

Your piece of rock  – Dynasty (A trio assigned to Solar Records delivers this ‘easy on the ear – good on the feet’ commercial Funk)

Are you ready for some more  –  Reel to Real featuring The Mad Stuntman and Althea McQueen (After their monster hit and signature tune – R t R decided not to change their successful formula)