Today’s trax



Where do we go from here  –  Cherrelle (The first lady of Tabu Records changes her usual duetting partner Alexander O’Neal for Barrington Scott …. this was from her fourth album)

I can’t stand the rain  –  Eruption featuring Precious Wilson (Produced by Frank Farian known for his work with ‘Boney M’  … this trak was co-written and sung by Ann Peebles – was covered by Tina Turner amongst others)

Funkannection  –  T-Connection (‘F-u-n-k – tell me who you funk today’ are some of the lyrics …  Theophilus Coakley was the ‘T’ of T-Connection – originally assigned to Dash Records which was part of Henry Stone’s T.K. empire)

Supernatural  –  Firefly featuring Ursula Rucker (Celebrated Poetess Ursula teams up with producer King Britt and also co-writes the trak which mixes poetry to a ‘House’ beat – originally released on King Britt’s own Ovum Records in the U.S. and license to Slip N Slide in the U.K.)