Today’s trax



Ballad of the sad the sad young men  –  Roberta Flack (When i first heard this song i thought it was about gay men but after a few more listens my interpretation is – it’s was about alcoholism … from Roberta’s album ‘First Take’)

Body to body boogie  –  Orlando Riva Sound (O.R.S. was released on Salsoul in the U.S.A – this Anthony Monn led German group only release one album from which this trak is culled)

Groove it to your body  –  Michael Wilson (When the bass guitar was replaced by the bass keyboard,  Electro-Funk was born – also known as Boogie … mixed by Prelude’s in-house mixer Francios Kevorkian)

Free (A Stone of Hope)  –  Tracy Hamlin featuring Keith Snipes (Inspired the the speeches of the late great Martin Luther King … a trak from Tracy’s deluxe edition cd released on DJ Spen’s Quantize Recordings)