Today’s trax



Someday we’ll all be free  –  Bobby Womack (The title trak of the last of the trio albums by Bobby on the short-lived but extremely Soulful Beverley Glen Music  … also known as The Poet 3)

Midnight girl  –  Lenny Williams (‘Spark of love’ on ABC Records was the named lp … the former Tower of Power vocalist solo efforts started to be recognised)

Don’t worry ’bout a thing  –  Incognito (Incognito signed to Talking Loud Records and going from strength … they do justice the this Stevie Wonder classic)

Hallalujah  –  Kerri ‘Kaoz 6;23’ Chandler (A King Street Classic …  simple beat, simple backbeat, simple vocal sample  – put together makes this a Dance Phenomenon)

Today’s trax



Love under new management  –  Miki Howard (Ex-Side Effect leading lady – The Elektra years … ‘nothing like leading a blind horse to a pasture – it can smell the grass but just don’t know the way to it’ are a snippet of the lyrics)

Cathedrals  – D. C. LaRue (Released on Pyramid Records but was swiftly deleted due to the closing of their distributing company Roulette)

Funky like a train  – The Equals (The 12 inch mix has gathered momentum to become a bona-fide U.K. Funk classic … written & produced by Eddy Grant)

Superficial People  –  Ten City (The best House group out of Chicago with Byron Stingily on lead vocals … 12 inch mixed by Steve’Silk’ Hurley but the lp/cd mix is also potent)

Today’s trax



All of my life  –  Mystique (Curtom Records only released one of their albums athough a second was released as extra trax on cd … the group consisted of lead vocalist Ralph Johnson, Charles Fowler and two former members of The Lost Generation)

Because there music in the air  –  Macho (One of the first ‘Goody Music Productions’ to be licenced to Prelude in the U.S – recorded in Italy and mixed by the then award winning Tom Savarese in New York)

Funky Chicken  –  Willie Henderson & the Soul Survivors (Inspired by the inimitable Rufus Thomas’s song and dance of the same name – Chicagoan writer/producer & arranger Willie Henderson gives you this underground classic)

Good Vibration  –  J.D. (Where ever there’s Loleatta Holloway’s voice – a sampling machine is not far away … released on Requestline in the U.S. & Champion in the U.K., however this was released before the Marky Mark & the Funky who used the same sample)