Today’s trax



What part of heaven do you come from  –  Ray Barretto featuring Phillip Mitchell (Phillip was more successful as a song writer than a singer … his songs has been recorded by artists including Candi Staton, Bobby Womack, The Staple Singers  – his most famous been ‘Hurt so good’)

Don’t let my rainbow pass me by  –  Cloud One featuring Margo Williams (Patrick Adams first well-known studio band … Patrick supposedly said that if Cloud Nine was great – Cloud One would be so much more)

Am i gonna be the one  –  Colors (Co-written and featuring Vanesse Thomas – daughter of the inimitable of the great Rufus Thomas … Vanesse first came to my notice as background vocalist of John Davis & The Monster Orchestra mixed by Shep Pettibone )

Without you  –  Spero featuring Dannie Scott (Released on Chicago’s After-hours  … for a short while Afterhours was the label of choice when  most of their 12″ were a magnet for the Househeads)

Today’s trax



And the memory lingers on –   Chaka Khan (Yvette Stevens to her family … Chaka put words to Dizzy Gillespie’s Jazz masterwerk ‘A night in Tunisa’)

Welcome to the disco  –  Air Power (One-off Disco classic released on American Variety International by all-round Producer/Musician Donald Burnside … this is a ‘B’ side)

Bread  –  Idris Muhammed (From his CTI/Kudu sessions comes this multitrak vocals, downbeat Funk … and they are talking about what most of us haven’t got – Dollars, Nuggets, Money)

Touch the sky  –  Dennis Ferrer featuring Mia Tuttavilla (Dennis and Mia didn’t just ‘touch the sky’ they also took you to heaven)

Today’s trax



Since i fell for you  –  Revelation (Writers as well as singers – this quartet decide to cover a standard … written by Buddy Johnson and released on Handshake Records – it was sadly their last album however some of them became top session singers)

Dancing in Paradise  –  El Coco (El Coco were the most famous of the studio bands created  by Disco producers extraordinaire Michael W. Lewis & Laurin Rinder …  a large number of their productions were released on American Variety International Records)

Don’t go lose it baby  –  Hugh Masekela (A trulely international affair … recorded in Botswana, mixed by American Bryan ‘Chuck’ New and released by London’s Jive Records – from the Techno-Bush album which marries African rhythms with Eletro)

Take me back to love  –  Kathy Sledge (The more recognisable voice of the Sledge Sisters releases a solo effort … from the album ‘Heart’ – this single featured a plethora with multiple mixes)