Today’s trax



Wonderful  –  Tavares (This trak was produced by Freddie Perren later known for Gloria Gaynor’s handbag classic … written by Carl Hampton & Homer Banks who were house writers at Stax Records)

At the football stadium  –  Love Symphony Orchestra  (Disco became such big business that even Bob   Guccione – owner of Adult magazine Penthouse became involved – hence the album called “Penthouse presents … ” vocals by Diva Gray a top New York session vocalist)

Party  –  Leon Haywood (Leon was not an originator however his trax that were recorded between were quality and help understand the changing face in Soul/Funk & sometimes Disco … inspiration seemed to come from a mixture of Norman Whitfield & George Clinton)

Tonight  –  Those Guys featuring (I picked up this  12” on for two equal reasons – vocal performance : Eleanor Mills also produced, arranged and mixed by The Basement Boys … there is also another interesting mix – ‘you gave it up in a Buick – honey it was wonderful’ … are some of the lyrics)

Today’s trax



Short Eyes  –  Curtis Mayfield (Curtis’s company “Curtom Films” produced the movie ‘Short Eyes’ – about child-molestation, the film was panned followed by the music – not because of the quality but the subject matter …S.E. is the American slang word for a paedophile)

Fulton County Line  –  Tommy Stewart (Tommy has been an writer/arranger/producer/musical director to Loleatta Holloway, Aretha Franklin, Johnnie Taylor and many more … album trak from a cult album on Abraxas Records)

Watch out  –  Brass Construction (Headed by writer/producer, percussionist,flautist & keyboard player – this nine piece musical self-contained powerhouse … trak from album ‘5’ which has beefed sampled by Salt N Pepper)

Let your will be done  –  Ann Nesby featuring Ricky Dillard & The New Generation (Produced by Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley and is from Ann’s second solo outing … this is a Gospel/House – there has been multiple of mixes including bootlegs)

Today’s trax



Heaven must be like this  –  Ohio Players (After leaving Westbound records where there they made great albums and even greater album covers – they landed on Mercury … from their first album on their new label release comes this monster ballad)

Sound of funky horn  –  K C & The Sunshine Band (Harry  Wayne “K C” Casey & Richard Finch were the principle writers – the band a consists of variety of TK Records studio musicians)

Dr. Funkenstein  –  Parliament (‘Funk upon a time in the days of the Funkapus, the concept of specially designed Afronauts capable of Funkatizing galaxies was first laid on man-child, but was reposted and placed among the secret of the Pyramids’ … lyrics of the first trak from their album “The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein)

The Boat  –  Cloak & Dagger (A “Premium Plastic” release … written/produced by Simon Kemper and Iain Hagger – license courtesy of Multiply Records)