Today’s trax



Fantasy  –  The Whispers ( Written by Sunbear, who were a duo that recorded for Soul Train Records – the same label they were both assigned to before it evolved into Solar … from their album ‘Imagination’)

Orfeu Negro  –  Chocolats (Translated ‘Black Orpheus’ in English & named after the 1959 movie of the same name … trak is also from the said movie soundtrax however with a different arrangement – )

Funk Theory  –  B T Express (Started their hit-making phase on Sceptre-Wand as Brooklyn Transit Express … trak original recorded by U.K. band Rokotto and written by Gerry Shury, Barry Blue & Ron Roker)

I Believe  –  The Absolute featuring Suzanne Palmer (Chicagon recorded this trak for fellow Chicagoan Dj/Producer Mark Picchotti … she later went on to record for Peter Rahoufer’ Star 69 Records and a plethora of top-notch Dj-Producers)