Trax feat. The Pasendas, Alfie Khan, Rhythm Makers and Tedd Patterson



Enchanted Lady  –  The Pasadenas (Forgot about this trak until i was reminded earlier today – i actually saw this group at Ronnie Scott’s Birmingham during the album launch party … this U.K band covered all facets of Soul/Funk music)

Law of the land  –  Alfie Khan (Also released as Alfie Khan Sound Orchestra … this Norman Whitfield composition was originally released both by The Temptations & Undisputed Truth on Motown however Atlantic Records gave us this stellar instrumental)

Monterey  –  Rhythm Makers (Vigor Records – a unit of Delite Records gave us this cult band before changing their name to G.Q and becoming million sellers on Arista Records)

Roots  –  Tedd Patterson presents Blackbone (Landing in Atlanta where he crafted his art – Teddy continued his rise via Emotive Records and beyond …  released on Black Vinyl Records U.K,)

Trax feat. The Whispers, Bombers, D-Train and Sandy Rivera/Jose Burgos



Love at it’s best  –  The Whispers (We (Paradise Brothers) recently saw this group as part of ‘Great Voices of Soul’ whilst they were/are touring the U.K … sadly to say the didn’t not include the this trak – having recorded over 15 albums they could include everything)

Shake  –  Bombers (Canadian studio band headed by producer Pat Deserio – this is a trak from their second album … released on Disco/Boogie label West End Records in the U.S.A which was headed by Mel Cherren who helped bring the 12″ into the mainstream whilst at Scepter/Wand Records)

Keep on  –  D-Train (Released on Boogie/Disco specialist’s Prelude Records owned by Marvin Schlachter – written and produced by Hubert Eaves and features James Williams on lead vocals … mixed by Francois Kervorkian who was the in-house remixer)

Jazz it  – Sandy Rivera & Jose’ Burgos featuring Brocket Parsons (‘Kings of Tomorrow’ and ‘Soul Vision’ are just two of their pseudonyms … released on ‘Under the counter Records)

Trax feat. Meli’sa Morgan, Charanga 76, S.O.S Band and Infinity



Do you still love me  –  Meli’sa Morgan featuring Najee (I recently went to see this lady in concert … her vocal power is harnessed on record/cd compared to her live performance and she is very attractive lady also)

Music Trance  – Charanga 76 (Released on the small Latin label – TR Records who along with Latino originals they also featured cover versions of the day … originally written and sung by Ben E King)

Take your time (do it right)  –  S.O.S Band (The Sounds of Success Band exploded out of Atlanta U.S.A. on unto the dance floors … when i went to see them in concert earlier this week with Meli’sa & The Whispers – they haven’t lost their ‘Success’ tag)

Back 2 Chicago  –  Infinity featuring Malik (Written by Roy Davis released on New York’s King Street Sounds)