Trax feat. Eddie Kendricks, The Trammps, Charles Earland & Dj Pope



Intimate friends  –  Eddie Kendricks (The former Temptation stayed with Motown – the group’s record label when he went solo … written by Gary Glenn who later became became a recording artist in his own right – from the album ‘Slick’)

Tom’s song  –  The Trammps (From the only album release on Buddah Records – this track was named after Tom Moulton (Remixer Extra-ordinaire) … on the  records that were mixed by him usually featured his tag ‘A Tom Moulton Mix’)

I like it  –  Charles Earland (From his Mercury Records release, Randy Muller produced ‘Perceptions’ album … released on the b-side of a promotional  only 12inch … this album should have been re-released on cd)

Addicted  –  Dj Pope featuring Lynne Smith (King Street Sounds does not let you down with this Baltimore based Brian  Pope production – co-written by Lynette … remixed by Kerry Chandler)