Trax feat. William DeVaughn, Boney M, Ripple and Andrew Harris



Kiss and make up   –  William DeVaughn (The story goes that William walked into a Philadelphia recording studio – that used for free-lance production which included the session musicians … the owner was so bowled over with what he heard that he made a call and William was assigned to Chelsea/Roxburgh Records)

Ma Baker  –  Boney M (Producer Frank Farian created this studio group  … he also changed the name of Ma Barker who the song is based around – the mother of criminal sons whose were regular inmates at various U.S prisons)

Victorious  –  Ripple (After General Recording Corporation was shut down due to the owner Michael Thevis was sent to prison – a few acts hot-footed to Salsoul Records including this band – their producer Floyd Smith (Loleatta Holloway’s husband))

Get down Africa   –  Andrew Harris (Released as an E.P. (extended play) on Large Records out of Chicago, U.S.A. … this is a 12 inch with different mixes rather than four different trax)