Trax feat. Bill Withers, Freda Payne, Deadline , DJ Oji



Harlem  –  Bill Withers (Originally released on Clarence Avant’s Sussex Records – however when Clarence had problems the master tapes ended up with Columbia Records now known as Sony … from the album ‘Just as i am’ which also featured “Ain’t no sunshine”)

Master of love  –  Freda Payne (The No. 1 singer in term of sales for writers Holland – Dozier – Holland  after hot-footing from Motown Records to set up Invictus Records then wife of Gregory Abbott who also contributed to as a songwriter to her album ‘Stares & Whispers … now available on cd)

Makossa Rock  –  Deadline (After meeting Celluloid head honcho Jean Karakos – producer/arranger and all arounder Bill Laswell released a variety of projects on Celluloid … having had a major hit with Herbie Hancock gave him kudos)

Lift up your hands in the Santuary  –  DJ Oji featuring Una (Una Barry  first came to my on my radar via her release on Look at you Records – since she has turned up on a variety on trax including Oji’s partner DJ Pope)