Trax feat. Peven Everett, The Trammps, Funk Inc., River Plate Samba Orchestra



Street walker  –  Peven Everett (Known for his House/Garage output however this trak is entrenched in Soul music … Peven is a ‘jack of all trades’ musically who has also dabbled in Hip Hop & Jazz)

Disco Party  –  The Trammps (Recorded at Sigma Sound in Philadelphia  U.S.A. – was their first long player for Atlantic Records -this is an 8 minutes plus work-out even name checking the ‘dance’ of the day)

Smokin at Tiffany’s  –  Funk Inc. (Assigned to Prestige Records about the same time as they became part of Fantasy … this was a trak from their third album ‘Hangin’ out’)

Congo   –  River Plate Samba Orchestra (Released as   a one-off 12″ on Coast to Coast Records – a U.K label … this trak is inspired by ‘In the forest – Baby O)