Trax feat. Brick, Sparkle, Rick James, Ceybil Jeffries

Good Morning Sunshine  –  Brick (Fusing Jazz and Disco this Atlanta band was assigned to Bang Records which was then Columbia (Sony) Records

Disco Madness – Sparkle (A release on Jam Sessions Records … produced by Harold Sargent – and associate of Patrick Adams – this trak was available on ‘Deep Disco Culture’ on Suss’d, a label headed by Ian Dewhirst)

Little runaway – Rick James & The Stone City Band (At one time a small musician named ‘Prince’ supported Rick – the “King of Punk-Funk” on this U.S. tour … Rick had previously played with  Neil Young before signing with Motown Records)

Love’s so special  –  Ceybil (The spelling of Sybil Jefferies was changed so not to be mistaken with other Sybil’s e.g.  Sybil the Next Plateau recording artist or Sybil Thomas known foe her monster Boogie classic on West End)




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