Trax feat. Blue Magic, Ashford & Simpson, The Vibrettes, Reel People & Angela Johnson

Three Ring Circus  –   Blue Magic (Headed by Ted “The Wizard” Mills, this group recorded for WMOT – although not a hit for Blue Magic in the U.K, it was for Barry Biggs as a Reggae cover version …written by Bobby Eli & Vinnie Barrett & published by Mighty Three Music whose slogan was ‘You’ll never forget our tunes’)

Stay free  –  Ashford & Simpson (Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson were co-writers with Josie Armstead of “Casanova” fame before becoming ‘in-house writers’ for Motown Records and eventually becoming successful performers in their own right … from the album of the same name – a Warner Brothers release)

Humpty Dump  –  The Vibrettes (Released on the small independent ‘Lujon Records’ of Los Angeles U.S.A. … this trak has garnered interest due to Underground Funk & Hip-hop fans)

Can’t stop  –  Reel People featuring Angela Johnson (U.K. band Reel People teamed up with U.S. singer, songwriter, arranger & producer Angela Johnson for this Papa release … track from their “Second Guess” album – remixed by Dennis Ferrer)



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