Trax feat. Norman Connors/Phyliss Hyman, Maryann Farra, Edwin Birdsong, Criminial Element orchestra

Betcha by golly wow  –  Norman Connors feat Phyliss Hyman ( Having recorded for Buddah Records where he started a musical transition – added lead vocals to compositions making his albums for Straight Jazz into Soul & Jazz … from the album “You are my starship”)

You got to be the one  –  Maryann Farra & Satin Soul (Maryann also released a single as “De-lite-ful” on Vigor – a subsidary of Delite Records … produced by Tony Valor and released on Chicago’s Brunswick Records)

Win tonight  –  Edwin Birdsong (Known for being the co-writer to a plethora of Roy Ayers productions and compositions … Edwin has become a hotbed for Hip Hop producers & artists who has since sampled his trax – they includes France’s “Daft Punk”)

House time anytime  –  Criminal Element Orchestra (After producer Arthur Baker left New York’s Streetwise Records – he armed himself with coterie of musicians, deejays & (re)mixers to bring out the best of the city’s street music … featuring lots of samples and inspirations including Sinnamon, Loleatta Holloway, James Brown and The Fatback Band)





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