Trax feat. Chaka Khan, Brooklyn Dreams, The Mighty Tom Cats, Lisa Stansfield

I’ll be around  –  Chaka Khan (Chicago born Chaka eventually left the band “Rufus” and signed with Warner Brothers Records where she encompassed variety of musical styles … from the album ‘CK’ which also featured Miles Davis on trumpet)

Shake it  – Brooklyn Dreams (Brooklyn Dreams were a New York based male trio were assigned to “Millennium Records” who were then distributed by Casablanca Records – from the Giorgio Moroder produced movie sound-trak ‘Foxes’ starring Jody Foster)

Dance girl  –  The Mighty Tom Cats (When David Mancuso found an ‘imported’ copy of the original “Soul Makossa” – a variety of producers/artists scrambled to release a cover versions – which includes Paul Winley … this trak was included in the re-release version of the original album )

I’m leaving  –  Lisa Stansfield (Lancashire U.K. born Lisa was part of trio the “Blue Zone” on Arista Records – after going solo and staying with same label … remixed by  Hex Hector who later won a Grammy  for his skills)

Trax feat. Gladys Knight, Space, Newban, Ten City pres. Dj Shon

I said you lied  –  Gladys Knight (Having parted with “The Pips” some years ago, Gladys went solo … now assigned MCA Records and from the album ‘At Last’ … co-written by the lady herself)

Prison  –  Space feat. Madeline Bell (U.S. citizen made the U.K. her home where she became one of the top session vocalists – backing artists such as Cerrone & Voyage … Space was a French studio group headed by Escama also known as Didier Maruoani)

Father time  –  Newban (Newban were “Atlantic Starr” under a different name and before they were assigned to A&M Records and having hits … releasing two albums on the collectable and intriguing “Guinness Records)

Rejoice  –  Ten City presents Dj Shon (Chicago-an House hitmakers puts their name to a relative unknown as introduction to the world  … produced by Burstinglaw – in other words “Ten City”)

Trax feat. The Persuaders, Dooley Silverspoon, Instant Funk, Park Avenue feat. Tony Jenkins

We’re just trying to make it  –  The Persuaders (The Persuaders consisted of Douglas Scott, Joey Coleman, Richard Gant, & Thomas Lee Hill … written/produced by Phil Hurtt/Anthony Bell known as “The Young Professionals which also included Bunny Sigler and LeBaron Taylor)

Let me be the No.1 (love in your life)  –  Dooley Silverspoon (Original known as “Little Dooley” before he grew up … written by Sonny Casella who used his christian name – as a S.O.N.N.Y. “Sound Of New New York”as a tag)

Slap slap licketty slap  –  Instant Funk (Discovered by Bunny Sigler from nearby Trenton, New Jersey as The TNJ’s – as a tribute to the home town … they became his back-up band and changed their name to “Instant Funk” was produced by the man himself)

Don’t turn your love  –  Park Avenue feat Tony Jenkins (“Movin’ Records” was one of the early Garage labels out of New Jersey – hence the tag “New Jersey Sound” – which fused Soul-ful vocals with new musical technology without the vocals taken second place)