Trax feat. John White, Gloria Gaynor, Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Band, Adeva

Don’t let it be too late  –  John White (Whilst looking for this album – i went into a record shop and asked : ‘Have you got John White, Scott White or Karen White’ the assistant replied ‘No but i have Barry White’ … released on Geffen Records, this trak was part of Orpheus Productions – the company who gave us Freddie Jackson, Meli’sa Morgan et al )

Honey Bee  –  Gloria Gaynor (Assigned to a production company called “Disco Corporation of America”,  this was the second version of the trak – original released on Columbia Records now Sony … from the album ‘Never can say goodbye’ which was mixed by Tom Moulton – inventor of the 12 inch single)

Do your thing  –  Charles Wright & Watts 103rd Street Band (Signed to “Warner 7 Arts Records at the early part of his career where he started releasing albums before it became the norm … Funk was the order of the day)

I thank you  –  Adeva (The first female House/Garage superstar Patrica Daniels introduced to the world ‘The New Jersey Sound’ – from her self-titled album … Louie Vega has given the Garage/House populous an opportunity to hear her vocalson his XXVIII album)

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