Trax feat. The Spinners, The Meters, The Jacksons, Kerri Chandler feat. Grampa

Sadie  –  The Spinners (The Spinners had recorded for Tri – Phi Records which was later swallowed up by Motown Records … After minute success with Motown – they crossed over to Atlantic Records & under the direction of producer Thom Bell they became a regular hit makers)

Living together  –  The Jacksons (After ‘The Jackson Five’ decided not renew the contract with Motown Records – they moved unto Epic/Columbia as “The Jacksons” minus Jermaine but plus Randy … they got to work with heads of Philadelphia International, Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff as writers/producers)

The Clapping Song  –  the Meters (The Meters known as the backing band for a variety of writer/producer Allen Toussaint output for is New Orleans based Sansu Enterprises … release as a single form their album Struttin’ & produced by Toussaint on Josie Records)

Sound of Music is  –  Kerri Chandler feat. Grampa (Kerri Chandler was a boy dj assisting his father in the beginning …  he later started Madhouse Records as  an off-shot of U.K’s Champion Records of his varied productions and pseudonyns)


Trax feat. William DeVaughn, Bionic Boogie, Parliament, Donald Banks

Sing a love song  –  William DeVaughn (Released on Wes Farrell’ s Chelsea/Roxburgh Records … William wrote a few songs then headed to Philadelphia to record them, where the session men were some of MFSB known for their work with Philadelphia International & the arranger was John Davis later known for his Monster Orchestra )

When the shit hits the fan (Rocket Pocket)  –  Bionic Boogie (Not credited as the lead vocalist on this trak but Luther Vandross ‘s  vocals can clearly be heard on the studio creation devised by writer, arranger, producer – wunderkind Gregg Diamond)

Aqua Boogie (A Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadoloop)  –  Parliament (Headed by George Clinton – this motley crew of Funksters were assigned to Casablanca’s Records … band members included William ‘Bootsy Collins & Bernie Worrell amongst others)

Status Quo  –  Donald Banks (Recorded at Bob Blank’s Blank Tape Studios, New York & released on Washington’s Kapitol Sity Records … “Hip Hop” mixed with a “GoGo’ beat this trak also had a political message)

Trax feat. Dionne Warwick, Ritchie Family, Bunny Sigler, Keith Thompson Project Project feat. India

His house & me  –  Dionne Warwick (After the successful of the pairing of The (Detroit) Spinners & Dionne – producer Thom Bell was pencilled to produce her next album for Warners Brothers Records … apparently Thom liked having a conversation with the artists so with the help of co-writer Linda Creed they tailored the songs for them)

I feel Disco good  –  Ritchie Family (Female studio group created by Jacques Morali & Henri Bololo … French & Moroccan emigres sculptured this trio’s music for their “Can’t Stop Productions” company then license them to a variety of labels across the world)

Shake your booty  –  Bunny Sigler (Having released singles on a variety of local record labels including Cameo-Parkway – Bunny was signed to Philadelphia International as a writer/producer however being a natural performer he soon became a recording artist once again … featuring his recently discovered band from Trenton New Jersey)

Rhythm of Life  –  Keith Thompson Project feat. India (Also credited to Keith Thompson – co-written by Keith Thompson and produced by Tony Humphries .. released on Germany’s Underground Solution Records & released on Level 10 Music Works in U.S.A.)