Trax feat. Keith Washington feat. Letita Body, David Simmons, Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame, Divine Soul feat. Michelle Weeks

Let me make love to you –  Keith Washington featuring Letita Body (Keith’s second album “You make it easy’ includes this duet with former “Body” vocalist who were affliated to MCA Records … a ‘Qwest Records’ release)

Locked up in a groove  –  David Simmons (Philadelphia based David was credited to be vocally similar to Teddy Pendergrass – David wanted to be known as an individual rather than a carbon-copy … signed to WMOT Records where he released two albums including ‘The World belongs to me’)

Weak at the knees  –  Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame  (Having been the vocalist in one of U.S. premier Funk band “Slave” – former Ohio based Steve departed and later formed ‘Hall of Fame’ which pacted with Atlantic Records … sampled by Ice Cube)

Search N (Higher Ground)  –  Divine Soul feat. Michelle Weeks (New York born Michelle became as a background vocalist before venturing into House/Garage genre as lead and/or featured … co-written by Michelle and released on Strictly Rhythm Records)

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