Trax feat. Osamu Kitajima feat. Phil Perry & Rena Scott, Exodus, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Bobby Blackwell

Say you will  –  Osamu Kitajima feat. Phil Perry & Rena Scott (Osamu is a Japanese musician known for his array of musical styles – this trak feat. former Montclairs’s vocalist Phil whilst Rena known for her classic album produced by “Mtume & Lucas” … from the lp ‘Dragon King’ released in the U.S on Arista Records)

Together Forever  –  Exodus (Written by Neville ‘Tinga’ Stewart & released on the tiny New York’s cult label “Charlotte Amardie Records” … re-released by Francois Kervokian’s Wave Classics label to re-introduced to keep the trak alive)

Body Slam  –  Bootsy’s Rubber Band (Bassist William “Bootsy” Collins became part of James Brown’s band for a short while before teaming up with Parliament/Funkadelic supremo George Clinton … he later headed his own band under names such as ‘Bootsy’s Rubber Band’ & ‘The Sweat Band’ amongst others)

Let love through  –  Bobby Blackwell (Released on Easy Street – the New York label that helped publicise ‘The New Jersey Sound” … written and produced by Healey LeCator also know as Major Healey for Smack Productions)

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