Trax featured Chapter 8, Foxy, Dawson Smith, Michael Watford

Ready for your love  –  Chapter 8 (Chapter 8 included Anita Baker as lead female vocalist and Michael J Powell as writer/producer in the line-up … they released one album for Ariola Records America  before splitting up  – later re-grouping with another female vocalist)

Get off your aahh and dance  –  Foxy (Based in Florida U.S.A. and headed by Ish Ledesma … released on Henry Stone’s Dash/TK Records their self-titled album from which this single was culled)

I don’t know if i can make it  –  Dawson Smith (Written by Dawson & arranged/produced by George Kerr … recorded for Roadshow Records and distributed by Florence Greenberg’s Sceptre/Wand organisation)

First mistake  –  Michael Watford (Featuring Ceybil Jeffries as co-lead vocalist … produced by New Jersey’s “Smack Productions & released by Warner’s East-West Records imprint)

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