We Are 2 Funk / Disco / House DJs Based in Birmingham, UK


Here’s What We’re About…

Paradise Trax is a house, funk, disco and soul music blog created by two Birmingham DJs called the Paradise Brothers – Freddie and Aaron … Technical assistance ‘Oily Fur’ … Musical consultant ‘That Boy Jones’.

They both have extensive knowledge of SOUL, FUNK, DISCO and GARAGE (plus rap, reggae and numerous other genres).

The original site of Paradise Garage, 84 King Street, New York.

The original site of Paradise Garage, 84 King Street, New York.

They have over 40 years’ experience in listening, playing, researching and consulting. They have created this website to share their knowledge of this fantastic music.

This blog consists of soul, disco, funk, garage (mainly U.S.) & other genres that fits loosely in such fields including BOOGIE (sometimes known as ELECTRO – FUNK due to the change in musical technology)

We are still regular DJs, playing every week in Birmingham, UK. If you’re looking for something to do on a Sunday night in Birmingham, check us out at The Island Bar, Suffolk Street Queensway. We play from 9 pm – late (FREE ADMISSION).

The names ‘Paradise Brothers’ and ‘Paradise Trax’ are inspired by Paradise Garage, the original home of disco music in New York. This iconic feature of New York nightlife was the inspiration for the music genre ‘Garage’.

8 Thoughts.

  1. Dj Fred,
    How you doing brother? Missing those lessons in SOUL music at Island Bar on Sundays.

    Thanks for everything and excellent to see the blog running more efficient than a Virgin Pendolino on a clear day with no leaves on the track!

    Hope to get your email or contact via Millish.


  2. great blog informative and enlightening knowledge of evergreen from days gone by..i live in leicester but would definitely check out the paradise club whenever i sleep over in birmingham

  3. Great to see the continuous quality meu Amigo.
    More efficient than the Pendolino service on a Sunday afternoon! How`s tricks?

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