Trax featured Patti Labelle, Larry Page Orchestra, Najee, N’Dea Davenport

When you’ve been blessed (feels like heaven) –  Patti Labelle (Former Patrica Hoyte and Labelle vocalist was then assigned to MCA Records where she released the album “Burnin'” … she was signed after appearing on ‘Live Aid’ – the U.K/America Charity Concert)

Erotic Soul  –  Larry Page Orchestra (Primarily a ‘covers band’ … written by Charles Blackwell and released by ‘Penny Farthing in U.K. and license to ‘London Records in the U.S. – remixed for 12 inch edition)

Najee’s Nasty Groove  –  Najee (Inspired by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’s work with Janet Jackson … Saxophonist Najee was part of Orpheus Productions where his trax were released on EMI-Manhattan Records – from the album ‘Day by Day’)

Bring it on  –  N’Dea Davenport (N’dea is a U.S. singer who was on /off lead vocalist with U.K. Funk band ‘Brand New Heavies’ after they toured the U.S. where they were signed to Delicious Vinyl Records … pacted with V2 Records in the U.K  – this trak was remixed by ‘Grammy’ winner Hex Hector)



Trax featured Patti Labelle, Larry Page Orchestra, Najee, Mass Syndicate feat. SuSu Bobien

When you’ve been blessed – Patti Labelle (Probably from her best all-round lp/cd that had soul fans salivating at the ears)

Erotic Soul – Larry Page Orchestra (Predominantly a covers band then Disco appeared and bam : they released this)

Najee’s Nasty Groove – Najee (Obviously inspired by what Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis was doing with Janet Jackson – but it still makes it worth while)

Bring it on – Ndea Davenport (On and off lead vocalist of The Brand New Heavies – this Hex Hector mix was totally ignored by the Garage/House fraternity)