Trax featured Patti Labelle, Larry Page Orchestra, Najee, N’Dea Davenport

When you’ve been blessed (feels like heaven) –  Patti Labelle (Former Patrica Hoyte and Labelle vocalist was then assigned to MCA Records where she released the album “Burnin'” … she was signed after appearing on ‘Live Aid’ – the U.K/America Charity Concert)

Erotic Soul  –  Larry Page Orchestra (Primarily a ‘covers band’ … written by Charles Blackwell and released by ‘Penny Farthing in U.K. and license to ‘London Records in the U.S. – remixed for 12 inch edition)

Najee’s Nasty Groove  –  Najee (Inspired by Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis’s work with Janet Jackson … Saxophonist Najee was part of Orpheus Productions where his trax were released on EMI-Manhattan Records – from the album ‘Day by Day’)

Bring it on  –  N’Dea Davenport (N’dea is a U.S. singer who was on /off lead vocalist with U.K. Funk band ‘Brand New Heavies’ after they toured the U.S. where they were signed to Delicious Vinyl Records … pacted with V2 Records in the U.K  – this trak was remixed by ‘Grammy’ winner Hex Hector)



CHRISTMAS BLOG ! feat. Patti Labelle, Moonlion, James Brown, Kenny Bobien

O’ Holy night  –  Patti Labelle (Patti started off her career with ‘The Bluebells’ before becoming “Labelle” then becoming a solo star in her own right … she also performed as “The Acid Queen” – from the Rock-Opera TOMMY,  a role Tina Turner portrayed in the movie)

Little Drummer Boy  –  Moonlion (Released on Pickwick International Records distribution arm – P.I.P. … made famous by Harry Simone Chorale and it was originally known as “Carol of the Drum”)

Soulful Christmas  –  James Brown (“The Minister of New Heavy Heavy Funk” made  three Christmas albums – however they were not all Christmasy as he adding some non-Christmas trax … they were re-released as ‘The Complete James Brown Christmas’ on cd)

Oh come let us adore him  –  Kenny Bobien (Grand Gallery released the  cd “Grand Gallery presents Christmas Time” feat. House/Garage which includes, Eric Kupper, Terrance Down, Heather Johnson, Monique Bingham, Stephanie Cooke amongst others and of course Kenny)


Trax featured Patti Labelle, Larry Page Orchestra, Najee, Mass Syndicate feat. SuSu Bobien

When you’ve been blessed – Patti Labelle (Probably from her best all-round lp/cd that had soul fans salivating at the ears)

Erotic Soul – Larry Page Orchestra (Predominantly a covers band then Disco appeared and bam : they released this)

Najee’s Nasty Groove – Najee (Obviously inspired by what Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis was doing with Janet Jackson – but it still makes it worth while)

Bring it on – Ndea Davenport (On and off lead vocalist of The Brand New Heavies – this Hex Hector mix was totally ignored by the Garage/House fraternity)