Trax feat. Trey Lorenz, France, Joli, New York Port Authority, Shawn Christopher

It all comes back around  –  Trey Lorenz (Trey is known for his duet with Mariah Carey  … after releasing his debut album in ’92, it was over 10 years before the follow up … sub-titled “Mimi presents Trey Lorenz” – the album also features Mariah Carey, her nickname being ‘Mimi’)

Playboy  –  France Joli (France’s first album was the beginning of the Canadian assault on Disco music … produced by Tony Green & recorded in Marko studios but fine-tuned/mixed at Alpha in Philadelphia, U.S.A. – this self-titled album was released on Prelude Records)

I used to hate it (til i ate it) –  New York Port Authority (Named after the New York’s bus station and their transport services … this sextet recorded one album for superstar the writers/arrangers/producers ‘Holland/Dozier/Holland’  – owners of Invictus Records)

Make my love  –  Shawn Christopher (Shawn released a few singles before blasting out on one of Chicago’s most important & iconic House labels – DJ International Records … this trak was released on BTB)

Trax feat. Arthur Miles, Stephanie Mills, Slave, Ten City

The whole town is laughing at me  –  Arthur Miles (Arthur Miles is/was an American vocalist who made his home in Italy … his trak was co-written by Ted Wortham &  Sherman Marshall – Sherman was co-written of “New York City’s I doing fine” whilst Ted was a member of “City Limits”)

Put your boy in it  –  Stephanie Mills (After playing “Dorothy” in the African-American version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’  – Stephanie was assigned to 20th Century Records where she was produced by  “Mtume” duo Reggie Lucas & James Mtume)

Stone Jam  –  Slave (Groups “Black Satin Soul” & “The Young Mystics” became one and ‘Slave’  was born  … headed by Steve C Washington also known as “the Fearless Leader” later was became involved with ‘Aurra’ and  ‘Civil Attack’)

Satisfaction   –  Ten City (Former “Ragtyme” trio changes their name and records for Atlantic Records … bringing producer Marshall Jefferson from Chicago and they also brought in Earl Young who was a member of both MFSB & Salsoul Orchestra)

Trax feat. Martha Wash, Astrud Gilberto, Rose Royce, Joey Negro

Now that you’re gone  –  Martha Wash ( After the fiasco with the ‘Black Box’ saga – RCA Records gave Martha a solo album as part of compensation … this former “Two vocalist of Two Tons O Fun, Weather Girls, Seduction & C & C Music Factory shows she can rein in that power-house voice for this Soul opus)

The girl from Ipanema  –  Astrid Gilberto  (Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia – this is a re-recording of the masterpiece by Stan Getz of the same name … Vince Montana is producer and it was released on Image Records)

Bad Mother Funker  –  Rose Royce (Named was inspired by that famous car company with a similar name … trak named was inspired by a similar slang phrase which was produced by the “legendary” Norman Whitfield)

To please you  –  Joey Negro feat. Roy Galloway (After being the Artist & Repertoire man for Rough Trade Records’s Dance off-shot ‘Republic’ – Joey Negro released his first album ”Universe of Love” on Virgin … features an essence of D-Train’s ‘You’re the one for me’ also Instant Funk’s ‘Body Shine’)