Trax featured Will Downing, Gonzalez, LaToya Jackson, Club 69

Wishing on a star  –  Will Downing (After being the lead vocalist on Arthur Baker’s House/Garage studio group “Wally Jump Junior & The Criminal Element” … Will signs to Island Records and this trak is from his second album ‘Come together as One’)

Haven’t stop dancing  –  Gonzalez (Written by Gloria Jones and remixed by John Luongo  … a U.K, band who had a revolving musicians – their album was renamed and released after this trak)

Hot potato  –  LaToya Jackson (Michael Jackson’s middle sister drops this slice of Boogie … co-written by Amir Bayyan & released on Private I Records – it features the lyrics “Let the door knob where the dog shoulda bit you”)

Warm Leatherette  –  Club 69 (Written by Mute Records’ supremo Daniel Miller as “The Normal” and re-energised by Grace Jones – the late Swiss Dj/Producer/Remixer Peter Rahoufer re-brands the trak with vocals by Kim Cooper)

Trax featured Tashan feat. Alyson Williams, Grace Jones, Con Fun Shun, Jasper Street Company

Got the right attitude  –  Tashan feat Alyson Williams (Uncredited Alyson was also recorded for Def Jam – primarily a Hip Hop label who later had an “Original Black Records” imprint for their Soul output … Tashan also known as Thomas Jerome Pearse was Def Jam’s first Soul artist)

Comme un oiseau qui s’envole  –  Grace Jones (Previously recorded by Maximelien on CBS … Grace released this trak as a ‘b’ side of a single – however it was not featured on the album but has since been included in “Disco”, the triple cd of her Sigma Sound Productions)

Burnin’ love  –  Con Fun Shun (Named after a trak by ‘The Nite Liters’ – Con Fun Shun were originally assigned to Tennessee’s Fretone Records before moving to Mercury they were originally were known as ‘Project Soul’)

A feelin’  –  Jasper Street Company (Basement Boys “Gospel House” off-shot group .. license from their Basement Boys label to U.K.’s Azuli Records with additional mixes including ‘The Helly & Farley Project mix)

Trax featured Luther Vandross, Wardell Piper, Skyy, Quentin Harris feat. Drew Vision

When i need you  –  Luther Vandross (Originally the co-lead vocalist with his band “Luther” which also included Christine Wiltshire amongst others … Vandross became one of New York’s top session vocalist also serving as a writer and background vocalist for David Bowie when he first moved to America)

Super sweet  – Wardell Piper ( Former vocalist with “First Choice” whilst they were on Philly Grove Records which were primarily produced by Norman Harris & label owner Stan ‘The Man’ Watson … Wardell released her self-titled an album on Midsong International Records)

Let’s turn it out  –  Skyy (Known as ‘New York Skyy’ in the United Kingdom as there was as also another band called “Sky” featuring ‘Herbie Flowers’ and others … co-written and produced by Randy Muller which also including Solomon Roberts & three ‘Dunning’ sisters)

Sacrifice  –  Quentin Harris feat Drew Vision (Quentin released his second album ‘Sacrifice’ album on New York’s Strictly Rhythm Records- the label with the iconic ‘walled’ logo)