Trax feat. Meli’sa Morgan, Bionic Boogie, Beggar & Co, Jasper Street Company

I remember  –  Meli’sa Morgan (Meli’sa had previously released an uncredited single under the name ‘Shades of Love’ moniker before joining studio band “High Fashion” then going solo … released on Orpheus Music headed by Charles & Beau Huggins)

Boogie Boo  –  Bionic Boogie (After his major Disco success with Andrea True Connection – writer/producer Gregg Diamond got together with the cream of New York’s session musicians and called them Bionic Boogie … signed & release by Polydor Records)

Rising sun  –  Beggar & Co (As an off-shot of London’s ‘Light of the World’- the premier Jazz-Funk band in the U.K … Beggar and Company was assigned to RCA and became a hit band as the horn section section on Spandau Ballet’s Chant No. 1)

Smile  –  Jasper Street Company (“Every time i see your smiling face, it reminds me of the good Lord’s grace” are the opening verse – a Basement Boys release … a genre known as Gospel House has gain prominence in clubs across the world )

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