Trax feat. Chaka Khan, Bionic Boogie, Kool & the Gang, Dj Sneak

Don’t talk to strangers  –  Chaka Khan (Former Yvette Stevens of Chicago joined the band ‘Rufus’ before going solo … she became the featured vocalist on a variety of Jazz, Gospel, Soul artists and Soundtrax … from the “Down in the Delta” O.S.T album)

Big West  –  Bionic Boogie (Having made a few pennies from a hit he produced for Andrea True Connection on Buddha Records – producer Gregg Diamond put together an ensemble of New York’s studio musicians and called them ‘Bionic Boogie’)

All night long  –  Kool & the Gang (From the album “Open Sesame”, this was overshadowed  by the title trak on Delite Records … New Jersey boys headed by Ronald ‘Kool’ Bell, they started as a Jazz band before diving into the new genre Funk in the mid – late Sixties)

Cruize Kontrol  –  Dj Sneak (“Inspired” by ‘It’s the same old song’ originally recorded by  The Four Tops … Chicago based Sneak looped the trak around also giving it a harder edge – from the Platform E.P. Volume 2 on Canadian ’83 West Records)



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